Contributing to Afrikadaa – Unsettling Photocollections

In Afrikadaa I publish about the artistic search I conduct on the  19th century anthropometric photocollections : the search for the context, the search for the photomaterial itself, and, most of all, the sensitive questions on how to use, by whom, and how to speak of these unsettling images. An idea I propose in this writing is to share images found or paid for (by artists) in a collective artists’ database, as institutions often consider the collections as their capital, and are not always eager to share. I also ask reactions to questions as how to use the images, show/not show, by whom. If you have things to say about this, please do not hesitate to react via the address you find under ‘contacts’.

As the magazine  Afrikadaa  is online, I will let you discover it by yourself.

I thank Afrikadaa and especially Pascale Obolo for the interest taken in this search.