On reparations for colonial damage I_bis

Now there is a whole Colleteral Journal issue on the Geraadsbergen Elephant. In English and Dutch, written by the activists and allies. read more…

On reparations for colonial damage I

Interesting times on the reparations/retaliations/restitution front. Not only do former colonized or enslaved communities ask for compensations regarding the losses suffered; also within former colonizing empires voices are raised to confront the past and think of ways to repair damage. Let me start the series with an example from my own country: Belgium. read more…

To know the Pygmies VII: same old cliché

The cliché of pygmies dancing in a circle when visitors arrive, often upon request, is really a real cliché. In a workshop at ERG, we looked at film rushes from the Belgian Hutereau expedition into Congo 1911-1913 where we see the probably first Belgian foundation of this imagery. read more…

21C/19C – On the archives

A huge part of my work is to find images and to convince archive leaderships to let me use them. In principle, the images of the anthropometric era are in the public domain, as their photographers died more than 70 years ago. Still, many archives do not easily let go of the collections. Here’s a few of my experiences.

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21C/19c Procedures for anthropometric image reversal

The exhibition in Costant’s window will stay until 23 october. Visitable day and night, from the streetside. Here some images made by the members of Constant. read more…

21C/19c Procedures for anthropometric image reversal – recipe

This can be perceived as a recipe for ‘how to treat the images’, in this case with the aim of perceiving the persons depicted in a more sensitive way.
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Constant_V for Vitrine _ 21C/19C _ recategorizing images

I am arranging Constant’s window for the next period: 15.09 – 23.10.2016.
It will have 16mm filmstrips and magnifying glasses. On the filmstrips 19th century anthropometric photographs. read more…


I will show the first experiments of my filmwork on the anthropometric photography at Constant’s vitrine. The exhibition opens with a performance. Please feel invited!

21-19-Final-recto 21-19-Final-verso

Stop motion by replacement 03

The absolutely most amazing, or at least with the most humour, ‘stop motion by replacement’ artist is PES. I guess you already knew him but if you did not, I invite you to check out his work.



Stop motion by replacement 02

A technically refined example op stop-motion by replacement: Paul Bush. This is a really fine movie by him.