Constant_V for Vitrine _ 21C/19C _ recategorizing images

I am arranging Constant’s window for the next period: 15.09 – 23.10.2016.
It will have 16mm filmstrips and magnifying glasses. On the filmstrips 19th century anthropometric photographs.The images shown are the first lot of my experiments with animating, flatprinting and handprocessing the images I gathered in archives. When I gathered the images, I found them in categories according to their ‘type’, ‘tribe’, or region. I rearranged the images in new categories or chapters. The images on display at Constant_V are parts of the chapters ‘stricktly anthropometric’ and ‘strong looks’ (straffe blikken, regards forts). Other chapters are ‘naked’, ‘nude next to a tree’, ‘haircuts and exotic features’, ‘composition with the other’, ‘woman carrying a vase, a child..’, ‘man with spear’ (or bow), ‘man depicted too female’, ‘numbering, comments, traces of photographer on image’, ‘white man surrounded by savages’.
Within these chapters, I have photographs of people from all colonized continents, put in the same position. Often though I keep series of images together that were made on the same day by the same photographer in the same way.