Experiment with showing the rushes

On january 26, I opened my shop at arts centre Recyclart and showed rushes of Lost and Found, the gloves movie. I had decided to show the rushes already filmed on different TV screens, grouped by storyline.There were three storylines on three TV’s. The rushes looped over and over again. People stayed a while and the nice thing was, that they started to look at the images the way I do, having more attention for details, materials, light qualities, discovering mistakes,… If you see it only once, you are obliged to concentrate on the action. So I decided it is a more generous way of showing the movie. I would also like to bring some making of-images into this experience. To be continued..

Other things on display were the big ball of gloves acting in the movie, the window shop with found gloves on stakes, the storyboard and Pascal Baes’ self-made wooden rail for low and very precise camera-movements.

It was a lovely evening, with a lot of interested people for a public. The only thing I regret is that I totally forgot to take any pictures!