Gloves gloves gloves

This winter I make a small deviation from the Primitives project. I do gloves. I try to collect as many lost  gloves as possible. You can help me by sending or bringing gloves.Please note where and when you found the glove. With the gloves, I make a stop-motion movie in the streets of Brussels, on cold winter nights. Brrr. There will also be some textile work.

The link with Primitives is in our collective dream of a ‘lost’ society where we were warming each other better than today. My thesis is that the fact that we dream about warmth, shows that the idea is not dead at all but very much alive. And I consider the act of making artwork with what you find in the street, as a primitive act.

If you are in Brussels, there will be an opening at Recyclart on 26 january 2012 from 17:00 to 22:00

All gloves are welcome at:

Recyclart / for Antje

Rue des Ursulines 25

1000 Brussels